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We’re here to support the millions of people who send transfers to help their loved ones

What we offer to customers

global reach

Global reach

advanced technology

Advanced technology

wide range of currencies

Wide range of currencies

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About Remiton

Remiton is dedicated to help people and businesses around the world save, send, and transfer money online and by cash leveraging convenient and easy-to-use interface and beneficial agent’s programs.

It means we can reach any point in the globe. Remiton is empowered by global reach, solid infrastructure and a dedicated team of professionals who aim to benefit our customers, colleagues and the broader business.

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Why remittances are so important?

In this world, so diverse and miscellaneous, remittances are more than just money. We know how it is essential for you to timely send funds to your loved ones to support and help them. And exactly with this aim we decided to create Remiton, a global money transfer system that allows to remit funds worldwide in the most convenient ways – to cards, to accounts and for cash pick-up.

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Our mission

Most of our customers are immigrants - their examples truly inspire us. We do our best to support them in their journey to help their families. We hardly work on making payments affordable to everyone around the globe without the time and rate limitations

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Our vision

We are focused on making payments borderless. We provide access to money to everyone around the globe in the currency they are accustomed to, in the most convenient way. We truly believe that by convenient money transfers we can move the world better - from domestic support of your loved ones to economic support of businesses

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